Younes BABA-ALI (Maroc, 1986)


He proposes a creation in situ in the former cloakroom of the Citroën garage that intermingles the building’s past and future. The artist resuscitates the place by giving life back to its lockers, which appear to claim an existence of their own. Ideal tools of metamorphosis, they are witnesses of the garage’s collective and labour history, and signs of its future transformation into a museum.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Former changing rooms

Saddie CHOUA (Belgique / Maroc, 1972)

The Chouas # Episode 5 Am I The Only One Who Is Like Me?

Saddie Choua weaves new links between image and fragments of sound from pop culture, creating an imaginary pseudo-realistic world with her personal archives.
Am I The Only One Who Is Like Me? is the fifth episode of the serial “Les Chouas” in which the artist films her own family. Her Belgian grandfather, who worked in a garage for fifty years, embodies the autobiographical plot of the story, which she links to Toni Morison’s book, The bluest Eye.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Spare Parts Store

Raffaella CRISPINO (Italie, 1979)

Untitled (Time zones)

With Time Zones, the artist focuses on the relations between time and territory. Challenging the idea according to which measures of time are objective, she evokes the arbitrary and artificial nature of creating times zones and their political implications, linked to colonial interests, while she also suggests the creation of new territories.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Second hand cars for export

Simona DENICOLAI (Italie, 1972) & Ivo PROVOOST (Belgique, 1974)

AIRFRANCE.be (titre provisoire)

Far from being immediately recognisable as “works of art”, the forms created by Denicolai and Provoost appear to be produced by the context itself. This procedure lies at the heart of their strategy of appropriation. Installed on the ground floor of the showroom, their first finding on the site consists of a painting that was exchanged between a former client and the manager of the garage. This work will be the starting point of an inquiry they plan to carry out throughout the year, notably in the archives of the former garage.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Showroom 0

Suchan KINOSHITA (Japon, 1960)

  • As from January 2019

Ariane LOZE (Belgique, 1988)

L'Archipel du moi

Ariane Loze takes advantage of the immense space of the Citroën garage to question the myriad desires manifested in an individual, with their absurdities and contradictions. L'Archipel du moi
stages the discourses that accompany existence, and sculpt our statements and convictions. To this end she creates several characters that embody the contradictory facets of the individual, their quest for identity through the possessions of the beings and objects surrounding them.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Booth

Vincent MEESSEN (USA, 1971)

  • As from January 2019.

Lazara ROSELL ALBEAR (Cuba, 1971)

Reappropriating the Citroën Billboard with three works

Taking a self-ethnographic approach, she proposes an evolutive in situ installation embracing performance to Kanal that questions the notion of spatial reappropriation. Her work focuses on the aspect of process that she describes as a “purification ritual”. She works in collaboration with the collective MahaWorks, the Art Ensemble of Brussels and Charlotte Ducousso.

  • May 5th 2018 – June 10th 2019
  • Citroën Billboard on the rooftop of the showroom

Emmanuel VAN DER AUWERA (Belgique, 1982)

Shudder (videosculpture XIV)

Video Sculptures is a series of films-installations where the screen, conceived as a window on reality, is understood in its material and conceptual dimension. The artist uses it as a tool to explore the archaeology of the shams at work in every representation. Reduced to its minimum, as fine as fragile, the medium merges with its message.

  • May 5th 2018 — 27.8.18 & 23.1.19 — 10.6.19
  • Archives